Ethics complaint filed against Sen. Aguon 2 days before election

Sen. Frank B. Aguon, Jr.

Guam – An eleventh hour ethics complaint was filed today against gubernatorial candidate Sen. Frank Aguon Jr. and just two days before the primary elections.

The ethics complaint was filed by a woman named Esylynn Meno who claims Sen. Aguon violated local and federal law when he reassigned office funds and used his authority to ensure the funds would be used to employ himself and his son within the Guam Legislature.

But this happened in 2011 and, in fact, it is known within the Legislature that after Aguon lost a vice governorship bid in 2010, he was hired under the Office of Sen. Adolpho Palacios.

Nearly eight years later and, coincidentally, on the eve of the 2018 primary election, Meno is now alleging that Aguon unlawfully used his authority to ensure his legislative office’s surplus funds would be used to hire himself and his son.

In fact, the ethics complaint says Aguon was not shy about revealing this, admitting to News Talk K57 back in 2011 that “he had transferred the taxpayer dollars entrusted to him for the public trust and benefit for the sole purpose of benefitting his son.”

The complaint also comes just a few hours after former Rodriguez-Cruz campaign manager Troy Torres spoke about this very issue in a Facebook video post. In a 22-minute video posted Wednesday night, Torres cites some of the statutes that were then listed in today’s ethics complaint filed against Sen. Aguon.

Torres’ former boss, Sen. Rodriguez and Sen. Aguon are both democrats competing against each other for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination this Saturday.

In response to the ethics complaint, Sen. Aguon issued the following statement: “I believe that the ethics process in the 34th Guam Legislature will properly deal with the ethics complaint filed by the opposition on something that was dug up from seven years ago just on the eve of election.”