Ethics complaint filed against Senator Estevez over Andersen protest


An ethics complaint was filed by Guam resident Barry Mead against legislative ethics committee chairman Senator Fernando Estevez for his involvement in a protest at the front gate to the Andersen Air Force base.

Guam – On Oct. 10, Guam resident Barry Mead filed an ethics complaint against Senator Fernando Estevez alleging that he “has flagrantly violated his oath of office.”

Mead alleges that he violated this oath through is recent actions during a protest in front of Andersen Air Force Base. The oath reads, “I solemnly swear (or affirm) in the presence of almighty God that I will well and faithfully support the constitution of the United States, the laws of the United States applicable to Guam, and the laws of Guam, and that I will conscientiously and impartially discharge my duties as a member of I Liheslaturan Guahan.”

Mead alleges that “His ranting and yelling ‘Call the base commander! Call the base commander!’ is just one indicator of his conscientious disregard for his oath of office and the Standing Rules of the 34th Legislasture, per Rule XIX, 19.02 (c).”

Mead goes on to allege that the other indicator is on social media posts in which Estevez allegedly “asserts to incited civil disobedience and disregard for the Constitution of the United States.”

The Sentor’s office issued a statement saying “As of today, we received no official notice or copy of any complaint as required by the Standing Rules. If and when official notice or a copy of a complaint is duly received, we will respond at that time.”