Evacuation Squad Taking Credit for Bomb Threats to GPO, Kmart, Micronesia Mall & The Agana Shopping Center & Claims it Will Make Threats to Every Guam School Tomorrow(Mon)


“There will be bomb threats at every Guam school tomorrow” – EvacuationSquad Twitter account

Guam – A twitter account named the Evacuation Squad with the twitter handle SwatTheW0rld is claiming responsibility for calling in bomb threats to the Guam Premiere Outlets, Kmart, Micronesia Mall & The Agana Shopping Center. It is also threatening to make bomb threats at every Guam school tomorrow(Mon.) The account tweeted that it would make a threat to GPO before the threat happened.


 This appears to be the same account that previously took credit for phoning in bomb scares to some of Guam’s schools last week. A Twitter account called Evacuators2k16 with the handle ev4cuati0nsquad took credit for calling in bomb threats to Okkodo, JFK and Inarajan middle school. The account claimed those threats were phoned in before that information had been made public. Prior to those three schools the majority of bomb threats at public schools had been written in restroom walls or on pieces of paper. PNC confirmed with GDOE officials that Okkodo, JFK and Inarajan middle school received bomb threats that were phoned in with automated messages. 

 The account claimed to be made up of 6 adult individuals who phone in bomb threats for fun and for bitcoin. One of the individuals using the account last week claimed to be from Bosnia another post from today(Sun.) claimed to be a “ruuski Isis”. The account often uses the phrase “swat the world” and will often proclaim that a location has been “swatted” after a bomb threat has been made. The account was suspended on Wednesday. The Guam Department of Homeland Security confirmed this week that they were tracking the account. 

 The account which was called Evacuators2k16 appears to have resurfaced under a new name using a variation of it’s old handle ev4cuati0nsquad as the name of the account Evacuation Squad. This new account uses the handle SwatTheW0rld which is one of the hashtags and phrases that the old account used. The new account also claims responsibility for some bomb threats to Guam’s public schools last week and it uses a picture of Russian leader Vladimir Putin as it’s profile picture which is the same picture that was used by the old account before it was shut down. It also uses a picture of the flag of Hezbollah as it’s background picture. 

 The ev4cuati0nsquad also took credit for bomb threats to public schools in the U.K. in fact on Tuesday the BBC reported that “thousands of pupils were evacuated as hoax bomb threats were made to 14 schools across England.” According to the BBC article (Schools across England evacuated over ‘bomb threats’) it was the ev4cuati0nsquad Twitter account that took credit for this.



  1. Another group that sympathizes with ISIS and Hezbollah ??? They must be put down. It is time that America realizes that these groups will continue this “light terrorism” until they are met with swift and mighty force. It is the only thing that Muslim counterparts understand. ISIS, affiliated terrorist groups and Muslim extremists must be annihilated completely.

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