Governor’s Communications Assistant & Friend Track Down Stolen Computer, Lead GPD to Make 4 Arrests


Guam – The Governor’s Communications Director Evert  Arevalo, with the help of a friend, launched an investigation of his own into the theft of  $11-thousand dollars in computer equipment stolen from his Mangilao residence last Saturday.

Arevalo and his friend not only found his stolen equipment, but helped Guam Police make 4 burglary arrests of individuals who are alleged to be involved in at least 6 robberies.

According to the Magistrates report, 23 year old Timothy M. Gay, 24 year old Ray Junior Guzman, 22 year old Ike Joseph Cruz Campos and 21 year old Brittany Ana Mikelle Gay have been arrested on charges of burglary, theft of property, possession of a controlled substance and theft by receiving.

READ the Magistrate’s report HERE  

According to the complaint, a friend of Arevalo spotted an advertisement on the internet that offered a computer for sale similar to the one stolen from Avevalo’s apartment. 

The internet posting identified the seller as “Ike & Britt.”

Arevalo’s friend, feigning interest in buying the computer, contacted “Ike & Britt” and asked top meet them at the Agana Shopping Center. The friend met with Brittany Gay who presented the computer for sale, it turned oput to be Arevalo’s and Guam police were called in.

Gay led police outside to a parked car where Ray Guzman, her brother Timothy Gay,  her boyfriend Ike Campos and her baby child  were all waiting.

According to the complaint, Guzman admitted that he and Timothy Gay had stolen the computer from a Mangilao residence last Friday night. Guzman also admitted to a “meth” addiction and confessed that he and Gay had burglarized another house in Mangilao and 4 or 5 other houses near Pago Bay and a business in Hagatna.