Heightened Security Outside Island Naval Facilities Causes Traffic Backups


Guam – The heightened security at Naval  facilities on island has caused traffic backups entering Naval Base Guam [NBG], Naval Hospital and outside NCS in Dededo.

The beefed up measures have meant that every vehicle is being inspected, K-9 units are sniffing vehicles, ID’s are being double checks.

According to a release yesterday [Monday] a bomb threat called into Naval Base Guam prompted the increased security checks.  The release said Base entry would be slowed until further notice. A second bomb threat was called in Tuesday morning prompting the continued security checks.

A Monday release quotes NBG Commanding Officer Captain Mike Ward as saying that they take such threats seriously and NBG immediately implemented appropriate security precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

“We regret any inconvenience to the public,” said Capt. Ward.

Both incidents are under investigation.

There have been some complaints of excessive security including checks of vehicles outside the gates that were not entering the Naval Facility and security personnel instructing news photographers on public property outside the fence not to take pictures of the traffic back ups.

READ today’s statement about continued heightened security from NBG below:

Naval Base Guam is continuing heightened security measures. Delays at entry points can be expected at all Naval installations. As is part of any heightened security, all personnel on base should practice increased vigilance by being aware of and reporting any suspicious packages, persons, or activity to Navy law enforcement personnel at 339-3414 or 911 out in town. 

READ today’s statement from NBG about a second bomb threat below:

Navy responds to second bomb threat

Santa Rita, Guam (Oct 30, 2012) – A second called-in bomb threat this morning just as commuter traffic began caused Naval Base Guam (NBG) to go into heightened alert and increase security measures at all entry points. Base entry will continue be slowed until further notice as NBG Security officers conduct searches and double check identification.

As previously stated, Commanding Officer, NBG, Captain Mike Ward says Navy takes such threats very seriously. NBG Security has immediately implemented increased security precautions. Suspicious activity on the installations can be reported to 333-4357.

“While we know that it is inconvenient to the public, and to everyone trying to enter the base, these precautions are to ensure everyone’s safety,” says Ward.

The incidents continue to be under investigation.