Expanded Program Provides $200,000 to Increase Child Care Capacity


Good news for those who might be hesitant to come back into the workforce due to their family situation

As an Expanded Program under Prugråman Pinilan will provide up to $200k to Increase Child Care Capacity to help you come back.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…

Although the program extension was launched back in April along with Prugråman Pinilan, the program did not receive funding until now.

This expansion will support local employers and existing child care providers to open new child care facilities and/or expand to a new location/branch, the program would cover personnel costs, rent, utilities, mental health services, and more.

There are approximately 48 childcare centers licensed by the Department of Revenue and Taxation and Public Health with a total capacity of 1,920 enrollees.

CAPS 2022 has been launched to achieve the goal set by the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration to enroll 3,500 children by the end of the fiscal year 2023.

Pinki Lujan, GEDA’s Public Financial Specialist said, “If you are an employer and you like to open up a daycare facility at the job site, we will provide funding up to 75% of the starting cost to help you do that.”

According to Pinki Lujan, it’s not open for existing daycare facilities. It’s for those who would like to open up their daycare facility, as long as you have a business license or have applied this year after January 1st, you can qualify.

Additionally, funding will also cover hiring and business licensing costs.

Lujan has expressed that one of their goals with this program is to pump up Guam’s workforce saying, “There’s still a lot of people pre covid that haven’t come back to work since covid happened so we’re just trying to get everybody to work and pump some money into the economy.”

If you are interested in applying the first step will be to contact the Guam Economic Development Authority or visit their website at investguam.com for the application.

Once the application is complete, you can email it at caps2022@investguam.com

The deadline will be on December 30th of this year and the funds will only be available for 6 months with an extension of September 30th, 2023.

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