‘Experience what it’s really like to work in the real world’

GCC has recently partnered with local companies to hold a Truck Driving Transportation Boot Camp to address the shortage of licensed and trained commercial truck drivers on Guam. (PNC file photo)

Dr. Mary Okada, the president of the Guam Community College, said GCC’s upcoming boot camps will cover various in-demand areas for employment in Guam’s community and will enable students to experience what it’s really like to work in the real world.

Ranging from plumbing to IT training, the boot camps were also developed to aid individuals left jobless or with reduced work hours due to the pandemic.

According to Dr. Okada, these boot camps are employer-driven and will prepare participants with the necessary skills needed for the workforce, stating:

“The boot camp really is employer-driven. In other words, you tell me what skills and what level these individuals need to be at for you to hire them— and I’ll help build that boot camp with them.”

Okada said that their programs also help students get a taste of what it’s like to work in the real world.

“We can teach the classroom but when you step into the work side, sometimes the rules are pretty strict— they basically say you might not get one strike for being late, you may get 3, but if it’s a one- you’re done! So we, encourage the employer to share that workforce environment with the students that are participating in the program,” Okada said.

Okada said that although in the past a four-year academic degree was the key to financial success, there has been a shift towards trades, with trades becoming some of the highest-paid jobs in the market.