Experts Flying In To Help Guam Businesses Comply With Labor Laws


Guam- 11 labor experts from the U.S. Mainland are flying in this weekend to help the Guam Department of Labor (DOL) educate local businesses to comply with labor laws and employment regulations.

Labor Director Leah Beth Naholowaa says the officials will be part of the 3 day Labor Law Compliance Conference that starts on Sunday. She mentions this is first time a collaboration of this nature has been done and hopes the conference will alleviate some of the concerns that the employees have about the companies they work for. She also says they will address why enforcement is one their biggest challenges.

“We don’t have enough staff to be going after businesses that don’t comply” said Naholowaa. “Also we don’t have enough investigators to investigate complaints we received everyday. Sometimes we average 6 to 8 complaints from employees.”

Naholowaa adds they will hold a free employee workshop on Sunday, February 5, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Ukudu Workforce Village for all employees wanting to know anything about overtime, wages, leave and other topics. On Monday and Tuesday next week, the conference will focus on regulatory and compliance discussions. 150 people have already signed up.

For more information, contact Guam DOL at (671) 475-7075 .