Extended family at homeless shelter test positive for COVID-19, including 5 children

The Global Dorm government of Guam homeless facility in Maite. (PNC file photo)

Members of an extended family staying at the government homeless shelter in Maite have tested positive for COVID-19.

Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio confirmed during the Homeless interagency and OHAPP meeting on Thursday that nine shelter residents tested positive for COVID-19. Out of that number, five are children.

He said they are all part of one family staying in different rooms at the shelter.

The confirmed cases were identified through a coordinated outreach effort by Public Health at the Guam Global Dorm site.

According to the Lt. Governor, after testing positive, all nine were moved to the government isolation facility. All shelter residents were also tested for COVID-19.

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“There are medical staff that are servicing that facility. They are able to go ahead and manage the care needed for all those that have turned positive,” Tenorio said.

He added: “It is very good that they are there because they receive regular medical attention. We will pray for their recovery and once they are cleared, based on public health protocol, they will return to Global Dorm.”

Tenorio said that Catholic Social Services — which provides case management services at the homeless shelter —- have increased enforcement of their protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.