Extended Guam driver’s licenses and IDs will be accepted in banks and military bases

(PNC file photo)

The Guam Motor Vehicle Division has issued an automatic extension for all Guam Driver’s Licenses, Guam IDs, and Driver’s Permits that expired over the COVID-19 era and these will be accepted for identification purposes at all island banks and military bases.

This is actually the second extension for Guam cards as the Department of Revenue and Taxation previously allowed all lapsed documents to be valid until February of next year.

This latest extension now takes all eligible documents through to December 31st of 2021 — a great relief to many on the island scrambling to get their documents up to date.

Dafne Shimizu, the DRT director, says all you need to do is print the letter they issued over the weekend to keep with your expired items.

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“That automatic extension letter is good. I have heard from people that they’re able to use it even when they open bank accounts. Also, I’ve spoken directly with (JRM) Admiral John Menoni’s team and as well, they’ll honor the automatic extension in the bases as well. So, if you need base access, it’s my understanding based on discussions with the team that yes, the automatic extension is also good for the bases,” Shimizu said.

Shimizu says her team is also working to expand the services that can be completed by mail for Guam residents as COVID-19 continues to affect our everyday lives.

She also says the department will continue making weekly tax refund payments moving forward.