Extension Granted on Programmatic Agreement Calvo Says May Be Ready for Signature By End of Month


Guam – Governor Calvo announced today that an extension had been granted till the end of the month for the signing of the programmatic agreement. This agreement also known as the P.A. helps pave the way for the use of Pagat as a firing range complex. 

This isn’t the first deadline set by the Department of Defense for the programmatic agreement and recently senators expressed concern over the PA because they received indications that the governor may be inclined to signing it. However, the governor says he is merely requesting an extension on the January 14th deadline so that his office can have more time to review it. “And we’re not talking a lot of time I requested till the end of the month and to me two weeks that’s long enough and we just got wind that that’s gonna occur so we got an extension till the end of the month then of course by then we’re ready,” said Calvo. The governor also said he will not sign off on the programmatic agreement if he is uncomfortable with it’s conditions.