False missile threat panics Hawaii residents


Honolulu, HI – Hawaii residents were in for an enormous scare Saturday following an alert warning residents to seek cover as a missile was headed for the islands. It lasted for about 40 minutes before the state government confirmed it was only a false alarm, according to media reports.

The false threat of an inbound missile caused widespread panic among Hawaii residents who, like much of the mainland and Guam, have been targets of a North Korea on the precipice of war.

Hawaii isn’t the only island to fall victim to threats of impending doom. This false alarm in Hawaii evokes memories of a time when Guam faced a similar false threat.

Last August, Guam was also under threat when an alert system went off on television and radio stations in the middle of the night and right after power tripped offline in parts of the island, causing undue panic for many.

Guam’s Homeland Security later blamed human error as the cause of the false alarm.