Familiar names file to run for a seat in the Guam legislature

Senator Joanne Brown (PNC file photo)

32 candidates have registered with the Guam Election Commission to run for one of the 15 seats in the Guam legislature, including all but two incumbent senators.

The democrat senators seeking to retain their seats are Speaker Tina Muna Barnes, Amanda Shelton, Kelly Marsh, Joe San Agustin, Sabina Perez, Therese Terlaje, Clynt Ridgell, Telena Nelson, Jose Pedo Terlaje.

Republican senators Mary Torres, James Moylan, Louise Muna, and Telo Taitague are also seeking re-election.

The two incumbent senators who have decided not to seek re-election are Regine Biscoe Lee who has announced she wants to spend more time with her family and Will Castro who is running for Guam delegate to Congress.

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They’re facing a number of challengers, some of them familiar faces who have been in the legislature before.

They are former Port Authority of Guam general manager and former senator Joanne Brown, former senator Frank Blas Jr., former District and Superior Court marshal Frank Leon Gurrero, former police chief Joseph Cruz, and Fred Bordallo, who is also a former police chief and just resigned as director of the Veterans Affairs Office to run for senator.

And a committee to draft former senator Dennis Rodriguez has also filed a packet on his behalf. Rodriguez lost his gubernatorial bid in the last election.

Senatorial FILED Candidate Packets as of 6/30/2020

1 Telo Teresa Taitague Republican 5/14/2020
2 Ryan J. Calvo Republican 6/9/2020
3 Tina Rose Muña Barnes Democrat 6/10/2020
4 Amanda Shelton Democrat 6/18/2020
5 Vicente Anthony Borja Ada Republican 6/19/2020
6 James C. Moylan Republican 6/19/2020
7 Kelly G. Marsh (Taitano) Democrat 6/19/2020
8 Vincent A.V. Borja Republican 6/22/2020
9 Joe Shimizu San Agustin Democrat 6/22/2020
11 Joseph I. Cruz Republican 6/23/2020
12 Joaquin Leon Guerrero Republican 6/24/2020
13 Clynton E. Ridgell Democrat 6/24/2020
14 David R. Duenas Democrat 6/24/2020
15 Sandra Reyes Seau Republican 6/24/2020
16 John Albert Ananich II Democrat 6/25/2020
17 Dominic Joaquin Hernandez Republican 6/25/2020
18 Jose Toves Terlaje Democrat 6/25/2020
18 Jose Toves Terlaje Democrat 6/25/2020
19 Mary Camacho Torres Republican 6/26/2020
20 Fred E. Bordallo, Jr. Democrat 6/26/2020
21 Franklin J. Meno Democrat 6/26/2020
22 Frank G. Leon Guerrero Democrat 6/26/2020
23 Louisa B. Muna Republican 6/26/2020
24 Comm. to Draft Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr. Democrat
25 Frank F. Blas, Jr. Republican 6/29/2020
26 Michelle Lynn Armenta Republican 6/29/2020
27 Telena M.C. Nelson Democrat 6/29/2020
28 Joanne M.S. Brown Republican 6/29/2020
29 Sabina E. Perez Democrat 6/30/2020
30 Christopher Carillo Democrat 6/30/2020
31 Christopher Duenas Republican 6/30/2020
32 Don Edquilane Republican 6/30/2020