Family of missing veteran, Tim Ohno, says he’s been found


The family of a man who was said to be missing, says he’s been found safe and is now home.

A photo and description of Tim Ohno circulated Guam social media and WhatsApp chats Monday. Ohno is retired military veteran suffering from PTSD, according to the creators of the missing poster.

The 57-year-old was last seen at 9pm on Sunday. However, by early Tuesday morning, the family sent out messages, which then got sent to PNC News, saying Ohno was found, and asking everyone to take down their social media posts related to the search.

In a text exchange with Ohno’s wife, Po, she confirmed to PNC News that he was found safely.

A viral message in chat groups Tuesday morning said:

“The Ohno family will really appreciate and thank God for all your prayers and love while the search was on

Please reach all friends and family who had shared to social media to *please and kindly remove their posts.

Again your help was greatly appreciated.”

Ohno is the veteran who kicked off the Liberation Parade by parachuting from a plane with the Guam and U.S. flags strapped to his pack.