Family reacts to new rape charges in teen murder case

Brandon Michael Acosta is charged with allegedly raping and murdering 15-year-old Timicca Nauta.

New charges have been filed in the case involving the murder of 15-year old Timicca Nauta and the family can’t get over their grief and outrage over this new development in the case.

PNC’s Jolene Toves met with the family of the young girl who shares their feelings about this latest development.

Brandon Michael Acosta stands accused of heinously slaying 15-year old Timicca Nauta one year ago. On Monday, the family received information that DNA evidence indicates Timicca was not just brutally murdered but she was also raped. Her Aunt, Rose Gange, says the family has always had a feeling that this was the case.

“They had sent DNA to be tested in Hawaii I just heard from my sister yesterday that the woman from the Attorney General confirmed that the FBI said that, yeah, she was raped. To me, deep down, there was a feeling about it. I just didn’t want to think about it. It’s just like something just hit you, hit you so hard,” she said.

Gange recalled the morning Timicca was found slain in her home and unlike reports from then Chief Medical Examiner Doctor Aurelio Espinola who indicated that the young girl did not require a rape kit test to be done because she was fully clothed, the family said that Timicca was found half-dressed with just a top and her undergarments.

“Everything that she is, we love her, and for him to say that it was useless to do a rape kit, I could say all the cuss words in the world but I don’t want to,” she said.

Gange says that at the start of the investigation she had a lot of unanswered questions but she had the feeling that Timicca fought for her life.

While the autopsy report indicated that Timicca sustained five cuts to her hand and face the family says that she was also discovered “all wet” as if someone was trying to hide the evidence.

“That’s a sign that something more than her being murdered happened to her. And for this young girl to go through that kind of ordeal is just … you know it’s just very painful to try to think what she went through on the last day of her life,” the aunt said.

She added: “We relive it every day. It doesn’t matter what information comes out. We relive it every day, we think about her everyday, every second of the day. I know she is always on my mind and I am pretty sure it’s on all my family’s mind.”

On July 12, a superseding indictment was waged against Acosta and he now faces charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and second and third-degree criminal sexual conduct, all with the special allegation of possession or use of a deadly weapon.

He will be arraigned on the new charges on Wednesday at 2 p.m.


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