Fanohge Coalition to hold ‘community conversation’ on runoff, other issues


In light of the run-off in the face of who will represent Guam in Washington D.C. as its non-voting delegate that will take place next Tuesday, the Fanohge Coalition will be holding one final event for the 2020 election season.

This Thursday, Nov. 12, tune in to Facebook from 5:30 – 7:00 pm for a Community Conversation featuring the voices and visions for the future from different groups that make up the Fanohge Coalition.

The Fanohge Coalition does not endorse political candidates for public office, but does conduct outreach to remind the community about the importance of issues such as Chamoru self-determination and political status change.

For this event, members of the Fanohge Coalition will be able to speak to the community about the visions and missions of their groups and what they look for in their leaders.

They may also share their thoughts and experiences working with the two candidates in the run-off, incumbent Michael San Nicolas and challenger Dr. Robert Underwood.

The Fanohge Coalition is a diverse network of 38 different community organizations, nonprofits, and small businesses that are unified in supporting the right of the CHamoru people to self-determination and the need for Guam to change its political status to something fair and equitable.