Father Adrian disobeys Church’s order to return home amid sexual assault allegations


Guam – On May 7th, a second victim of sexual abuse allegedly at the hands of Father Adrian Cristobal filed a complaint detailing 15 years of sexual abuse.

In light of the allegations, the Archdiocese ordered Father Adrian to return to Guam but to this day he continues to disobey the directive.

The sexual complaint by J.C.C. was filed less than one month from the first sexual abuse claim of L.J.C. Both claims detail sexual abuse which occurred between the period of 1995 and 2013.

When the first complaint was filed Archbishop Michael Byrnes told media that Father Adrian was off-island at the Diocese of Phoenix and according to the Chancellery Directory he was listed as priest on mission.

Following the accusation Father Adrian’s permission to be on that mission was rescinded and he was ordered to return to Guam.

A directive he is apparently disobeying, as the Archdiocese shared, “to the best of our knowledge, Father Adrian is still off-island…the archdiocese has sent repeated directives to him to return home immediately. He has been in contact with us via e-mail but thus far has not complied. Any clergy member who continues disobedience after a warning is subject to penalties or sanctions per Canon 1371, Section 2 CIC.”

With news of a second complaint being filed, the Archdiocese of Agana shares the measures taken by the church in regards to Father Adrian.

The statement reads, “Archbishop Michael Byrnes limited the faculties of Father Adrian as a priest as part of precautionary measures related to the first allegation, effective April 11. He cannot celebrate Mass publicly or hear confession while the case is being reviewed.”

According to the archdiocese a preliminary investigation was conducted related to the sexual abuse complaint by L.J.C and the findings have been forwarded to the Independent Review Board.

The board is not involved in conducting the investigation. Instead, the Independent Review Board serves as a confidential, consultative body. Its duty is to objectively review the findings of investigations and advise the archbishop in his assessment of allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

The archdiocese extends prayers for J.C.C., L.J.C and all persons who have come forward recently and in the past with claims of sexual abuse by Guam Catholic clergy or lay persons.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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