Father Adrian fails to return to Guam by June 15 deadline


Guam – Father Adrian Cristobal has appearantly gone into hiding admist accusations that he sexually assaulted two individuals when they were minors.

The allegations of sexual abuse were filed against him in April and May of this year.

When the first allegation surfaced Father Adrian was listed as a priest on mission at the Archdiocese of Phoenix.

Following the the first sexual abuse complaint Archbishop Michael Byrnes issued the directive for him to return to island.

While Archbishop Brynes indicated that he had communicated with Father Adrian in April, the accused priest did not confirm that he would comply with the directive.

It was later discovered that Father Adrian had left the Archdiocese of Pheonix and that they were under the impression that he was heading back to Guam. But appearantly this was not the case and Father Adrain’s whereabouts are not known.

In light of this Archbishop Byrnes repeatedly gave orders to the accused priest to return even providing a deadline of June 15th to comply.

“Archbishop Michael Byrnes has imposed sanctions on Father Adrian Cristobal
effective today, Saturday, June 16. This action is taken as a result of the diocesan priest’s failure to obey repeated directives to return to Guam, following allegations of sexual abuse filed against him last April and May. He did not return to the island and report to the archbishop by the required date of June 15, 2018,” stated a release from the Archdiocese.

According to the Archiocese communications Director Tony Diaz, the sanctions imposed on Father Adrian further restricts his abilities to act as a priest in public, which includes the wearing of clerical garb. The sanctions will remain in place until such time that he obeys.

You may recall, after the first allegation Archbishop Byrnes had limited the faculties of Father Adrian as a priest as part of precautionary measures related to the first allegation. Then, the restriction stated that he could not celebrate Mass publicly or hear confession while the case is being reviewed.

“Since this matter is of a personnel nature and also involves lawsuits, the archdiocese cannot comment much further,” stated Diaz.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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