Father Duenas Memorial School confirms COVID case; moves students to remote learning


Father Duenas Memorial School has confirmed a case of COVID-19 among its school community which led them to shut down the physical school as of Thursday.

The Mangilao all-male high school says it’s unlikely that the infection originated from within the school. However, they say they need to take precautions, “to ensure the safety of students and faculty.”

Parents and guardians received the statement of closure overnight.

The school says as of Thursday, August 6, all students will be attending classes remotely until officials receive more information regarding the safety of returning to the physical classrooms.

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“Faculty will continue their lessons as stipulated in our protocol,” said the overnight statement.

It adds: “These times are certainly unprecedented, and we as a community are still learning how to adapt. However, no matter whether in person, or online, we must work consciously, cohesively, cooperatively, and always stay strong in the faith.”

In a follow-up news release Thursday morning from the Archdiocese of Agaña, the release said, “the Office of Catholic Education and Father Duenas Memorial school officials are working closely with Public Health and assure everyone we are acting with great diligence. We greatly appreciate Public Health’s assistance and professionalism.”

The release goes on to say that as health officials investigate the positive case, the school will remain closed and will issue updates based on information provided by Public Health.

Father Duenas principal Ismael Perez also issued an announcement to all parents and families and assured them the school makes the safety of the students and entire FD community an utmost priority.