Father Mike Crisostomo Assaulted by Drunk Man, Police Say


Father Mike Crisostomo says a Chuukese man punched him in the face Sunday night near the Toto Catholic Church.

Guam – Catholic Priest Father Mike Crisostomo was assaulted yesterday by a man who police say was intoxicated and trying to break into the Toto Catholic Church.

Father Crisostomo told police that a Chuukese approached him around 6:30 at night and asked him for a lighter. The man was later identified by police as 20-year-old Riebwoii Eitaro.

Father Crisostomo said the man then went to the church and began pushing and pulling a door. Eitaro then walked back to Father Crisostomo who told the man to leave or he would call the police.

According to Father Crisostomo the man responded by saying “Go ahead and call the police, I’m closer to you.” When Father Crisostomo tried to call the police, Eitaro punched the priest in the face.

Police were able to locate the suspect and arrest him.

Eitaro was charged with assault as a misdemeanor, disorderly conduct as a petty misdemeanor and public drunkenness as a violation.