FB Leon Guerrero Could Have A New Principal By This Thursday


Guam – An education response team was created to assess FB Leon Guerrero Middle School and to help it’s stakeholders gain confidence that teaching and learning is taking place at the Yigo School. According to interim principal Erika Cruz, their assessment is complete and the school could have a new principle before the week is over.


The Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood could appoint a new Principal at FB Leon Guerrero Middle School as soon as this Thursday that’s according to FBLG Middle school Interim Principal Erika Cruz.

Shortly after the over sight hearing on Bullying and harassment taking place within Guam’s Public schools, Cruz was appointed by Underwood to take over at the helm of the middle school. Since then Cruz led an education response team to gather information, provide the necessary support for school leadership and to assess the entire school. Cruz says the response team’s assessment of the school is now complete and they will provide recommendations to the school’s leadership so they can develop an action plan.

Cruz says the response team will meet again with the school leadership and the stakeholders to help them develop their action plan to address those five critical areas they have recommended. According to Cruz this plan will ensure that teaching and learning is taking place at FBLG.

Cruz says this is just a typical middle school and since the over sight hearing they are moving forward. She adds FB Leon Guerrero stakeholders were hurt by the over sight hearing and it wasn’t a true reflection of what the middle school is really like.

Cruz says, “You know we have 1200 students here and during the over sight hearing 10 -15 students express their concern about the school. Its such a small percentage of students that voiced their concerns about the school. Generally the school community feel safe at FBLG, that the teachers are great, the students are happy and there is a lot of school pride taking place here.

Since Cruz came to FBLG, there has been a gradual change within the school. But According to Cruz, it takes more than one person to change the school, it was the entire school community. The damaged fence surrounding the school was repaired a couple of weeks ago and now the jungle beyond the school’s fence is cleared to deter students from skipping school. She says students are at the school from 830 to 330 and this is their second home. Cruz believes they need to treat it as such. But it is also important to teach the students positive behavior and to take ownership of this learning institute