FBI Agent William Corbett Tells Rotarians ISIL’s Strength Is Its Adaptability


Guam – While President Obama discussed some of his plans to combat the *Islamic-State-of-Iraq-and-the-Levant or ISIL, the Rotary Club of Guam heard from William Corbett, the senior supervisory special agent of the FBI’s Honolulu division, Guam resident agency. Prior to arriving on Guam Corbett served at the FBI head quarters’ counter-terrorism division in D.C.

 Corbett gave Rotarians some of his insight on ISIL and terrorist threats in the Middle East. Corbett explained that despite America’s ability to dominate the battle field and hold terrain, these terrorist groups are able to continue recruiting new people and replacing leaders who die which means they are able to keep the war going. He says the real answers to ending these terrorist groups will have to come from within the region itself. Corbett likens these terrorist networks to a starfish. “The starfish type of organization you can cut off an appendage and two more grow back as nature tells us and it’s that resilient nature of networks that are flat and they’re able to reconstitute themselves and they are very adaptive,” said Corbett. The FBI says it’s this adaptive nature of Al Qaeda and related terrorists groups that have allowed them to continue fighting the U.S.