FBI evidence report on former Yap acting AG’s murder expected next month

Rachelle Bergeron, former assistant Attorney General of the State of Yap (Photo from the Yap State Government Public Information Service)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s report of evidence in the murder of the former Yap State Acting Attorney General Rachelle Bergeron Hammerling is expected to arrive in March.

Here’s the complete statement from the Yap State Government about the case:

“In the case of former Acting Attorney General Rachelle Bergeron Hammerling, the attorneys are awaiting the FBI’s report of evidence findings that is expected to arrive in March. Pleas are scheduled to be presented in early May for both the State and National charges. If there are pleas of not guilty, the trial by judge will follow immediately after with sentencing immediately after that. If there are guilty pleas, sentencing will follow immediately.”

Bergeron and her dog were shot on Oct 14, 2019 in the small Micronesian state after returning from a daily run.

Following the shooting, the FSM State Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a joint investigation on the incident.

Two suspects were named in the shooting death.

Among the Pacific Islands, Yap, FSM is known for its weapons prohibition statute which makes it illegal to own a personal gun. Only law enforcement officers and members of the U.S. military are allowed to own guns.