FBI investigating locksmith burglary

The burglary occurred on Sunday, Sept. 15, at around 6:45 a.m. at Lucky Locksmith in Barrigada.

A burglary at a local locksmith company has gained the attention of the FBI which is now investigating the incident.

The burglary occurred on Sunday, Sept. 15, at around 6:45 a.m. at Lucky Locksmith in Barrigada.

Lucky Locksmith had just moved into the building about a month ago and did not have a chance to install surveillance cameras prior to the burglary.

However, that doesn’t mean the culprits weren’t caught on video. Surveillance footage from an adjacent business shows what appears to be a beige or silver Toyota Highlander pulling into the establishment’s parking lot and parking while the occupants of the vehicle scoped out the shop.

After several minutes of sitting in the parking lot, the vehicle reverses and re-positions itself right outside the locksmith’s door.

The footage appears to indicate that there are at least two culprits. While the driver of the vehicle can not be seen as the vehicle’s tint is too dark to view into the vehicle, a man dressed in a blue shirt and black shorts gets out of the passenger side of the car and immediately makes his way to the establishment’s door.

The individual crouched in the far left-hand corner of the surveillance village quickly breaks his way into the shop.

According to Lucky Locksmith owner Edward Concepcion, the individual seemed to know what he was doing as he gained entry by prying the shutter doors open and then popping the lock on the entrance door.

In a matter of minutes, the individual is again seen exiting the store with a television and other items before jumping into the back seat and making their getaway.

Concepcion says that several items were taken, including a mini auto pro pad programmer, a Dewalt case of various autoresponders, chargers and batteries, Locksmith semi-auto pick gun tool, VVDI X-horse mini programmer, and an automobile kit which can unlock any vehicle.

Concepcion says the FBI has taken on the case as the items stolen not only allow the culprits to gain entry into vehicles but also residences.

Concepcion warns the community to be vigilant as he foresees an increase in home burglaries and automobile thefts as a result.

If you recognize the individual depicted in the surveillance video contact GPD Crime Stoppers at 477-4357 or contact the FBI.


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