FBI Proactive In Protecting Guam’s Children Against Online Predators


Guam- The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is taking a proactive role in protecting children on Guam from internet predators.

At Tuesday’s Rotary Club of Tumon Bay luncheon, Special Agent Richard James says the FBI is working with other agencies on island to monitor online predators and form an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) group.

One of the ways they protect children, is through outreach efforts in the schools. For example, James talks about how they talk to middle school students on how easy it is for internet predators to obtain personal information on social networking sites about them and their family members. However, that’s not all he does on Guam.

“What I do primarily on Guam is I look for the distribution, production, and downloading and sending out of child pornography” said James.

The FBI is just one of the numerous agencies that trained with the U.S. Attorney’s Office last month to prevent internet crimes against children. In the last 4 years, 13 cases dealing with these types of crimes were investigated and prosecuted on Guam .