GEPA expediting processing of repellents

GEPA is urging the community to only use pesticide and repellent products and devices that have both an EPA Registration Number and an EPA Established Number such as the repellent shown in this photo.

Because of the island’s dengue outbreak, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency is expediting the processing of insect repellents to increase their availability.

Under the law, GEPA is tasked with ensuring that insecticides and repellents sold on Guam comply with U.S. EPA regulations.

But although GEPA is speeding up the process, Nic Lee, the agency’s spokesperson, says that they are not relaxing their requirements for allowed repellents.

For example, repellent products must have both an EPA registration number and an EPA established number.

“Another thing you want to look out for is that there is no English language on the directions that tell you how to apply it or tell you what the inactive or active ingredients are. That’s another red flag as well. So you wanna be especially careful with products that claim to kill or repel,” Lee said.

As for businesses selling insecticides and repellents, GEPA requires that a Notice of Arrival must be filed with the agency prior to their importation into the island, in accordance with Guam law.

Lee also adds that GEPA has the power to shut down businesses that do not comply with requirements.