Federal Judge Dismisses Teachers’ Union Lawsuit


The Guam Federation of Teachers is concerned about a law that would decertify teachers for misconduct.

Guam – The teacher misconduct lawsuit filed in federal court was just dismissed today and the federal judge says this is because the Guam Federation of Teachers failed to file an amended complaint within 30 days.

GFT filed suit against the Guam Commission for Educator Certification in March last year, challenging local law that decertifies teachers for misconduct.

The complaint was first dismissed on April 7 without prejudice, which meant that GFT would still be able to re-file their lawsuit at a later time.

Although Federal Judge Ramona Manglona had dismissed the complaint on grounds that no teacher had been decertified, she gave GFT 30 days to amend their complaint.

However in her most recent decision issued today, Judge Manglona noted that GFT failed to file an amended complaint within 30 days and therefore the lawsuit is now dismissed and case officially closed.

You can read her decision by clicking on the file below.