Feds Huddle With GovGuam Officials Over Island’s Infrastructure Needs


Guam –  The Department of Defense the U.S. EPA and the Consolidated Commission on Utilities spent hours in a closed door meeting today [Thursday] discussing Guam’s infrastructure needs for the military buildup.

The U.S.- EPA gave the Final EIS a passing grade as long as DOD can stick to it’s mitigation plans which include ensuring that Guam has adequate drinking water and waste-water systems.

Media were not allowed inside today’s meeting in the CCU’s conference room. High-level federal officials from both the Department of Defense and the U.S. EPA spent the day trying to figure out exactly how to address the infrastructure needs for the island.

No one was available to comment today except for U.S.- EPA water division associate director Nancy Woo. “As you know we’re trying to support the one Guam concept so that the residents of Guam have equal access to water and waste-water service that is afforded to those on base,” explained Woo. She says this will take a lot of coordination with DOD, GWA, GPA, and the U.S.- EPA. The US-EPA is involved because it gave the Draft EIS of the buildup the lowest grade possible.

After DOD promised to pace the buildup with what Guam’s infrastructure can handle and after they promised to identify funding for Guam’s infrastructure, the US-EPA gave the Final EIS a passing grade. This is why they are here now to ensure that DOD keeps their end of the bargain. “We will be working with DOD and GWA for the entire duration of the buildup,” said Woo adding, “our goal is adequate service and proper treatment so that’s our motivation.”

There has been no word yet on Japan’s promise to fund $720 million dollars out of the estimated $1.3 billion dollar cost to improve Guam’s infrastructure for the buildup. Woo says they are optimistic that the U.S. government will work out the details of that funding soon. Woo says a lot of today’s meeting focused on how exactly they are going to work together, and how to get everyone on the same page.