Fena Reservoir Low; Navy Declares Water Conservation Level 3


Guam – Due to the Fena reservoir level being now five feet below the ten year average, Water Conservation Level III has been declared on Naval Base Guam.

This is a precaution, not an emergency, says Naval Base Guam executive officer Cmdr. Kevin Gillam. It is a procedure the Navy follows in the earliest stages of low reservoir levels.  

Naval Base Guam personnel and their families have been directed to observe water conservation measures. According to Cmdr. Gillam, all car washing on base is prohibited as is flushing decks and driveways. Lawn watering is restricted to no more than one hour only between the hours of 7pm and 8am.  

Other water conservation measures include operating washing machines and dishwashers only when full, placing a clean trash container under roof eves to collect rain water for watering plants, washing cars, etc, and reporting any plumbing leaks for repair as quickly as possible.

The water conservation directives given Navy personnel, says Cmdr Gillam, are appropriate for all Guam residents during the slow start into this year’s rainy season, especially the residents of the southern villages whose water source is the Fena reservoir.