Fernandez Asks for Four More Years as Superintendent

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez’s employment contract is going to expire next year June 30, but Fernandez is looking to renew his contract.

Guam – At a special Guam Education Board meeting this afternoon, Fernandez presented a letter to the board chair expressing his interest in continuing to serve as Superintendent for four more years. In his letter, Fernandez says with all that the department has accomplished over the past three years, he believes they are steering the agency in a positive direction. 


Fernandez says, “I told them I’m very interested in continuing. We’ve made a lot of progress, we’ve got a lot of momentum, there are things we are able to take on right now that I’m excited about with our alternative school, Special Education, a lot of the continued implementation of our standards, things I’d like to see more progress on and would like to see complete. If they believe the same things, I’m letting them know that I’m willing to continue on and I’m excited. Beyond that, there’s so much more we can go.” 


If the board supports Fernandez’s renewal, Fernandez says he’s not anticipating any material changes to the terms of his current contract. However, if the board desires not to renew, Fernandez suggests that they should start a thorough superintendent search now to provide sufficient time to ensure a smooth transition to a new leadership.