Fernandez, GEB agree to attempt settlement of $7M lawsuit


The parties had until noon Wednesday to inform the court whether they would agree to a settlement conference.

Guam – It looks like Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez’s $7 million lawsuit against the Guam Education Board could be settled soon.

Fernandez accepted his full reinstatement last week but his lawsuit against the board continues to stand. In court today, however, both Fernandez and the GEB agreed that they are open to discussing an in-court settlement with Federal Judge Alex Munson.

Meanwhile, the GEB is asking for summary judgment and a stay on Fernandez’s lawsuit since he has come back to work and since GEB has followed all of the judge’s orders in not discussing the matter publicly.

Until the judge rules on the matter a scheduling conference still stands for the case with trial still scheduled for March 5, 2018.