Fernandez Suggests Priorities For Soon to Be Issued RFP to Repair Island Schools


Guam –  Guam DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez has suggested that the funding priorities for a soon to be issued RFP for school repairs should identify Simon Sanchez renovation first, followed by the development of a “master facilities plan” and then funding for the other schools in need of repair.

Fernandez submitted his comments on the Request For Proposal (RFP) now being developed by the Department of Public Works in a letter to the Governor Friday.

READ Superintendent Fernandez’s letter to Governor Calvo HERE (scroll down past the news release)

In a release, Fernandez says he’ll continue to press for the renovations needed at Simon Sanchez and other DOE schools given the revenue stream that is provided by the recently approved Public Laws 32-120 and 32-121.

Among Fernandez’s other recommendations:

* the RFP should focus solely on the authority and revenues identified in Public Laws 32-120 and 32-121

* the RFP should  avoid capping the potential financing that respondents could be creative in  leveraging, in order to maximize funding

* the RFP should help identify additional resources for schools that need repair, renovation or upgrade without a leaseback arrangement. 

The Superintendent expressed confidence “that GDOE will receive the attention it needs in the near future”.