FestPac Complaints Flood Social Media


Residents took to social media to air out their concerns about how some of the delegates were treated.

Guam – A flood of complaints have been pouring in about shortcomings with FestPac, from a shortage of water for delegates, some food issues, accommodations, and poor planning. Senator Michael San Nicolas is now leading efforts to address some of these concerns.


It’s a chance for the people of Guam to witness and host history. The Festival of the Pacific Arts, for many, is a once in a lifetime event. As eager as the island was to host this event for the entire Pacific region, it didn’t go off without a hitch.

Social media was abuzz with complaints about FestPac. Senator Michael San Nicolas received many of these complaints.

“At the opening ceremonies there was not any water provided. Apparently some individuals who were in charge were informed, I’m not quite sure if that’s accurate or not. I don’t wanna spread anything that’s not true,” says San Nicoals. “Bottom line is water was needed, it wasn’t provided, so we’re definitely coordingating water to nations right now.”


In a response Governor Eddie Calvo posted on Facebook, he explained that there were water coolers available last night at the opening ceremonies. However, because they made a decision to go green, they did not use disposable cups. Instead, each delegate was provided with a flask. “Some of the delegates forgot their flasks,” the governor wrote. “As soon as we knew about this, the planning team and my wife’s team began passing out water and calamansi drinks at no charge.”

While the governor insists there is no shortage of water, he also welcomes donations from the community. Senator San Nicolas is already mobilizing a donation drive.

“We’re trying to coordinate as many donations and as much people willing to help as possible so we can try to enhance the experience of our visitors here who so far have experienced some hardship with respect to the hosting so far and we want to try and turn that around,” says San Nicolas.


Senator San Nicolas says there were other issues he hopes to resolve for the delegates.

“We also understand too there’s some other accommodations that the delegations would prefer blankets because some of the schools are too cold and they’re central air so they cannot really adjust the thermostat,” he notes. 


As far as food is concerned, Governor Calvo says each delegation was given food coupons to redeem at all food venues at the FestPac grounds. But just like the water situation, the governor’s office also welcomes food donations as well.

“I think this is an example of what happens when we try to focus on spending money in a certain way that doesn’t necessarily align with our primary responsibility which is to host these individuals and so we gotta get it right. This is the people of Guam’s reputation and Guam is a beautiful place that hosts its people well and I think that by reaching out to the community we’re going to be able to salvage this and put on an excellent showcase,” San Nicolas says.

You can reach senator san Nicolas at 472-6453 or message him on his Facebook page if you would like to assist.