FESTPAC Village Huts in Hagatna Completed


Calvo congratulates the FESTPAC committee for getting this project done in time.

Guam – In preparation for FESTPAC, the ribbon was cut for the FESTPAC village yesterday.


The Festival Village situated next to the Chamorro Village in Hagatna consists of 34 huts that will be used by the Pacific island nations participating in FESTPAC. The $1.9 million dollar project was criticized by some when they found out that the huts will be made with cement and not the traditional way of using wood. During the ceremony, Governor Eddie Calvo addressed those criticisms. Calvo said a representative from the Solomon Islands commended the cement huts. According to the delegate from Solomon Islands, when they hosted FESTPAC, they spent millions building huts with wood, only to see it deteriorate in the next couple of years. Calvo explained that with the cement huts, it will last for generations to come.

“In the 21st century, because of the construction and architectural engineering techniques, we are able to blend the past and our history and the present and now pass it on to the future. Because FESTPAC will be a wonderful and beautiful ceremony, it will end. And when it ends, what is left will be for our future generations. That is the beauty of this ribbon cutting today,” says Calvo.