FESTPAC Will Begin With Arrival of Traditional Sea Farers at Agana Boat Basin


It all starts at the break of dawn on Sunday May 22nd at the Agana boat basin.

Guam – FESTPAC is less than two months away. It will kick off on May 22nd and the Paseo will act as the main festival grounds.


 It all starts at the break of dawn on Sunday May 22nd at the Agana boat basin. “We’re expecting a whole bunch of seafarers from other islands I believe we do have six islands who have already started to ship off their sea faring canoe teams so they’re going to be coming in at dawn to a nice little traditional welcome led by our Sakman that is actually come in from the states as well,” said FESTPAC committee member Jay Rojas.

 The opening ceremonies will then be held at 4pm later that day in the Paseo stadium. About 3 thousand delegates will fill the metal bleachers and the remaining 1800 seats will be open to the public for free on a first come first serve basis with the Guerrero field as an overflow area.

 “We do have a very large 60 by 40 stage we’re setting up in the Paseo stadium itself. So every country is going to be able to do a five or six minute presentation on their local arts and then come out and actually be welcomed by the Governor,” said Rojas.

 During the two week event the entire Paseo area will be closed off. All parking will have to happen across Marine Corps Drive and all attendants will have to be shuttled in. DPW will be in charge of transportation for not only the public but also the delegates to and from the public schools they will be housed in.

 “The cement huts that we’ve built as an augmentation to the Chamorro village property those are going to be housing each individual country so each country is going to be able to showcase their own art at their own schedule so that if anyone does come out here they’re going to be able to tour the countries of the Pacific in one loop to see the different art structures that they have. Plus every country is going to be able to have their own schedule so that if you particularly want to see the weavers from Fiji or the carvers from Tonga you’ll be able to find out exactly what that schedule is in their specific hut and actually try and go through and meet those weavers and those artists in those specific times,” said Rojas.

 8 of the cement huts are reserved for Guam. There will be some wooden huts built out of tangantangan and nipa leaves. These will be hospitality huts reserved for festival sponsors. The parking lot adjacent to these huts and the Paseo stadium will be reserved for various vendors.


 Rojas is confident that Guam will be prepared and ready for FESTPAC come May 22nd.