FESTPAC: Guam Serves Up a Tasty Feast in Honiara


Guam – Earthquakes, rain showers and high winds sprinkled a bit of excitement at the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

On Wednesday afternoon, two tremor shook the island. High gusts of wind immediately followed and rampant rumors of tsunami warnings spread throughout the delegations with some participants of the Cultural Rights Symposium running to higher ground. All fears were allayed when Heads of Delegation made contact with the Festival Organizing Committee and assurances were given that everything was safe.

Shortly thereafter, at the Guam Fiesta, delegates were greeted by members of På’a Taotao Tano as they distributed Guam pins and lanyards donated by the Guam Visitors Bureau. Members of the performing group of I Fanlalai’an, and the Visual and Literary Arts members assisted the Culinary team ensuring guests were served and entertained. Local music, dance and live entertainment filled the night.

Upon arrival of Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo and his wife, a short program followed which included a video message from Governor Eddie Calvo inviting the delegates to Guam for the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts in 2016. As with most fiestas, the highlight of the evening was the food. Normal protocols dictate the Prime Minister to be served at his table, however he was quite taken by the variety of food that he insisted on taking a tour down the table as Literary Arts member Frances Sablan gave a detailed description of the dishes and cooking styles.

“The event really was a taste of Guam in Honiara and gave the delegates just a small sampling of what to expect during the Festival in 2016”, said Monica Guzman, Head of Delegation. “The entire Guam delegation came out in a true display of the Hafa Adai spirit that would make Guam proud”.

Thursday marks the final day of Festival activities at the International Village with Guam closing out the performance on the Pasifika stage at 8:00 p.m. Although demonstrations were scheduled at the Guam leaf hut, heavy rains forced the cancellation of many activities throughout the Festival Village today. The Closing Ceremony is scheduled for Friday, July 14 at 4:00 p.m.