FHP Health Center purchases new CT scanner 

Dr. Andrew Graves (left), staff radiologist, and Kenneth Decipulo, CT technologist, review FHP Health Center’s new CT scanner.  The scanner’s improvements include less radiation exposure to patients, better image resolution, and faster scan time than the previous unit.

FHP Health Center recently installed a new CT scanner that is a significant upgrade over the previous scanner.

The scanner is a GE Revolution EVO. Among the improvements it offers are more than two thirds less radiation exposure to patients, one hundred percent better image resolution, and forty percent faster scan time than the previous unit.

“This new CT scanner represents state-of-the-art technology complementing our cutting edge line-up of other advanced imaging modalities at FHP Health Center,” said Dr. Andrew Graves, staff radiologist, FHP Health Center.  “We will be able to offer efficient, streamlined imaging services with higher degrees of both accuracy and precision resulting in improved disease detection and diagnosis. This includes early cancer diagnosis, greater precision in cancer staging, expanded cancer screening, and improved diagnosis for a variety of  urgent and emergent diseases.”

Since 2013, FHP has spent $4 million to upgrade diagnostic equipment including the digital mammogram, 3.0 Tesla MRI, 4-D ultrasound, digital x-ray, and now the CT scanner.

“During the past six years, FHP Health Center has invested in new medical diagnostic technology to better serve our patients,” said Rose Grino, RN, FHP Health Center administrator. “We are a one stop, full service diagnostic imaging center.”

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