FIESTA 3 Back For A Third Time

Skate, Sneakers, and Hip-Hop!


FIESTA 3 draws large crowd!

FIESTA 3, full of booths by local businesses and brands, performances by local artists, and skate competitions, is back on island for the third time. 

The community flocked to the Agana Shopping Center for an event featuring pop-up booths of the freshest sneakers and the crispiest tees.

Skaters had the chance to pop some tail in a 1v1 Game of Skate. And for the hip-hoppers and pop-and-lockers, a 1v1 Dance Battle made everyone tap their feet.

Sparks, the owner of SPARKFYRE Entertainment talked to PNC about the essence of the event.

“FIESTA 3 is the place where people were able to come out and display their passions, express their thoughts and ideas, and their goals with other people, and share them with other people,” Sparks said. “[The event] brings the community together and gives the community a place to come and experience other people’s thoughts, hopes, and dreams.”

Additionally, performers Trance and Berto talked about their experiences performing at the Fiesta 3. 

“It was really amazing to be able to share what we love, perform live music in front of a crowd, and also all the other aspects that Fiesta 3 had,” Trance shared.

“It was just fun to pursue our passion while being hosted by the best people,” Berto expressed.

PNC also spoke with one of the people working behind one of the booths. 

Bella, a BLKLST member said, “I was able to see it be created, I was towards the back-end. Getting things together, trying to organize it all.”

Fiesta 4 is coming in January 2023, just 4 months away. Visit BLACKLIST and SparkFyre Entertainment’s Instagram pages for more information. 

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