“File your lawsuit” – AG to USDOJ over CLTC threats


The US Department of Justice is threatening to sue GovGuam for what they believe is violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Guam – Bring it on. That’s the response GovGuam has for the US Department of Justice over threats to enter a consent decree for the Chamorro Land Trust Commission or face a lawsuit.

Guam Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson made it official in a letter she wrote to Deputy Assistant US Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Vanita Gupta. The US Department of Justice threatened to sue GovGuam’s CLTC over alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act.

The Chamorro Land Trust Commission helps thousands of disenfranchised Chamorros who were displaced regain land. But the US Department of Justice believes that the CLTC’s practices violate the Fair Housing Act.

Anderson says she met with Governor Calvo and other officials to discuss the possibility of a consent decree but they reached a consensus that GovGuam would not be entering into a consent decree.

“We kindly request a copy of the complaint at your earliest convenience and/or notice of how soon your department anticipates filing suit,” Anderson wrote.

You can read the entire letter by clicking on the file below.