Filipino Inspired Buffet Due to the Philippine’s Independence Day

Taste Restaurant is having a special Chinese cuisine buffet for the Lunar New Year, which is on February 1st. (PNC photo)

With Philippine Independence around the corner, the Taste Restaurant at the Westin Resort is hosting a themed buffet throughout the month of June.

PNC’s Devin Eligio reports from the buffet line

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We’re at the Westin Resort where the Taste Buffet is featuring a Filipino lunch and dinner every Thursday in celebration of Philippine Independence.

Sheena Tiamzon-Bocatija, Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing Westin Resort stated, “For the entire month of June, we’re featuring a Filipino lunch and dinner buffet every Thursday. And on June 12th, which is the actual Independence Day, we’re featuring a special Filipino brunch.”

Philippine Independence Day or Araw Ng Kalayaan, is a national holiday in the Philippines on June 12th, which commemorates the declaration of Philippine independence from Spain in 1898.

The buffet features a traditional and authentic style of Filipino street food.

On my plate right here I have pusit, kare kare, chicken inasal, and you can’t forget the BBQ Pork Skewers

PNC spoke to Westin Sous Chef Paulo Cleofas about the buffet, saying he is Prego’s Sous Chef but is helping out Taste for the promotion.

Cleofas has been cooking for 12 years and moved to Guam just 3 years ago and continued his passion for cooking after serving up dishes in Australia for a while.

He shared what cooking means to him.

Sous Chef Paulo Cleofas, Westin Resort Guam stated, “It’s something I’m really passionate about, that’s why I never second guess if I wanted to try something else but cooking.”

To book a reservation to stuff your stomach with the Proud to Be Kapuso cuisine, contact the Westin at 671-647-1020.