Financial Reports Pending from 2 Campaign Committees

Guam Election Commission Executive Director Maria Pangelinan (PNC file photo)

No campaign contribution submitted from Responsible Guam PAC, among others.

Guam Election Commission Executive Director Maria Pangelinan reported that three candidates have not submitted their financial reports.

During yesterday’s meeting, Pangelinan reported that GEC has 2 “outstanding reports” for the following candidates:

  1. Franklin Meno
  2. Responsible Guam, Political Action Committee

Franklin Meno is a Senatoria candidates. Responsible Guam PAC is the political action committee, started by Peter Santos, and is often associated with Instagram advertisements questioning Congressman Michael San Nicolas’s duties in office.

San Nicolas’s Responsible Guam campaign isn’t to be confused with the Responsible Guam Political Action Committee (PAC.)

Candidates must file their financial reports to the GEC. The deadline to submit such reports was on August 17th, a little over a week ago.

All three tabulating machines reporting election counts. (2020 PNC photo)

Despite the deadline, Pangelinan reported that GEC accepted submissions until that day, the 26th.

She said candidates were contacted but were not able to get in touch with Responsible Guam.

The reason why these campaign committees have not submitted a report is unknown. Additionally, the reason why Pangelinan was not able to get in touch with Responsible Guam PAC is also unclear.

According to the Federal Election Commission, if a committee missed the deadline to file reports, it may be referred to the Administrative Fine Program.

Consequently, the program assesses monetary penalties for late and non-filed reports.

The FEC says that it will notify the committee in writing and issue a penalty amount.

As a result, Pangelinan said the Commission will decide the action taken for committees who missed the deadline.

Devin Eligio