Finegayan Elementary School Hosts Celebrity Read-a-Thon Event


Most of the students of Finegayan Elementary School were lost in a book today thanks to their Celebrity Read-a-Thon event.

Guam – Finegayan Elementary School teachers and their librarian worked together to host their Read-a-Thon event with this year’s theme of “Get Connected…Read More.”

FES First Grade Teacher Rachelle Panergo says, “We said you know we’re going to go for the goal and try to get a reader for each and every one of our classrooms. Normally when we have a reader come in, they would read to a whole grade level. We wanted it more personal so we asked our community leaders if they can do this event for us.”

The island’s community leaders and local celebrities were assigned to read a book for a class.

NWS Meteorologist Landon Aydlett says, “This is my first experience with the celebrity read-a-thon, I actually enjoyed it. Usually I’m presenting about my career, or judging science fair projects, but reading a book is a lot of fun. You see the excitement in their eyes as you’re reading to them, as you’re bringing the story to life and they’re excited and interested in the story.”
GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says, “I read how to be a friend to our first graders. They loved being read to, they ate up the story, they wanted to interact and wanted to see the pictures of how to be a friend. They shared their stories. It was a lot of fun, very loving kids, it’s going out there, it’s a good turn out. I’m just really excited here  supporting our students.”
Power 98 Radio Personality Mama Char says, “I read to a fourth grade class. It was really fun. It was really fun. I made sure I would read the book how I would read it. I was getting into character. I love the hugs. I’m like ‘okay! everyone gets a hug! I felt like Oprah.”
Finegayan Elementary School first grader teacher Rachelle Panergo says this event was worth all of the hard work their committee did and she hopes that an annual event such as this Celebrity Read-a-Thon will be held every year for the children.
Panergo says, “I think our teachers are very happy and excited because it’s been a long time since we’ve had a big event like this so for them to come in, share the reading, and make it a big encouragement for our kids is a huge thing when we have community leaders come here from all different kinds of fields.”
I even had a chance to read a book to these lovely fifth graders. The book I chose to read was “Nana and Jose’s Coconut Day” by Joan Awa. Here are some of the things they learned from the book!
They answered, “Coconut candy. Making it. 
I learned about communication and coconuts. 
A lot of uses for coconut.
Coconut candy can be crunchy
That coconut is important to lots of people.”