Fired Guam Housing Employee wins Case, Heads back to Work


John Potter was fired back in February 2013 for alleged sexual harassment, but he won his appeal at the Civil Service Commission.

Guam – An employee at Guam Housing Corporation who fought his termination and won his case all the way up to the Supreme Court and is now entitled to back pay and reinstatement.



The Supreme Court of Guam issued a ruling in favor of the fired Guam Housing employee John Potter. The Supreme Court affirmed the lower court’s determination that the Civil Service Commission did not err in its decision to reinstate Potter and award him back pay and attorney’s fees.

The CSC had voided Potter’s termination on grounds that the Guam Housing Corporation failed to provide Potter with factual findings or allegations against him when they fired him back in February of 2013.

Potter was accused of sexual harassment, misconduct and discourteous treatment of others. Specifically, GHC fired him because a tenant had reported him for allegedly touching her inappropriately.

The case will now be sent back to the lower court judge to determine how much in back pay and attorney’s fees Potter is entitled to.

You can read the decision by clicking on the file below.