Firefighters pull off successful mock rescue at Westin Resort


Firefighters could be seen assisting guests down from a higher floor of the building through rope.

Guam – If you noticed some commotion Wednesday at the Westin Resort, don’t worry, it was only a drill.

In partnership with the Westin, the Guam Fire Department held their annual evacuation drill. The drill is held every year to celebrate Fire Prevention Week.

This year, the mock evacuation started with a 911 call to report a fire on one of the hotel’s higher floors. Firefighters, a rescue team, medics, along with fire trucks and ambulances showed up and conducted a mock rescue of resort guests by repelling from the room down to the lobby.

Firefighters then extinguished a simulated burning room and escorted guests to safety.

Now that the drill is over, Deputy Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas says they will evaluate the drill to look for areas of improvement.

“We always like to say that we always wanna improve and so we’re gonna go back, do a little after action report and see where we can make those tweaks and improve for the next big incident or next exercise. I think they did excellent, everybody showed up, very professional, very proficient, technically and tactically smart in everything they have to do. Nobody got hurt and that’s the most important piece,” said San Nicolas.

Fire Prevention week concludes this Saturday with a finale event at Kmart from 9 am to 11 am.