First batch of All-RISE payments being sent out

(PNC file photo)

The first batch of All-RISE payments are now being sent out.

According to Department of Administration director Edward Birn, they got the transmission of qualified applicants from the Department of Revenue and Taxation yesterday and they have now started sending out payments.

The payments are in the form of 8,081 physical checks and 10,155 in electronic fund transfer postings.

“So we actually transmitted those EFT postings to the bank today. Depending upon the financial institution recipient, they should see the postings appear … the cash appear in their accounts,” Birn said.

According to Birn, the payments sent out so far total about $19.5 million.

As for the physical checks, Birn said they have started to stuff and mail the checks and the first batch of the physical checks are on the way.

“It takes a while, unfortunately, to stuff and send out 8000 checks in the mail,” Birn said.

Birn said they are using the same mailing system as the one used to send unemployment checks so that should speed things up.

As to whether the allotted money would be enough for the payments or whether the governor would have to allot more funding as she had promised, Birn said he is in no position to determine that.

“Actually, that’s more a matter for (DRT director) Dafne to look at because I don’t know who’s applied and she’s responsible for that part of the processing. That’s a question that she’s best able to answer,” Birn said.

Meanwhile, the Department of Revenue and Taxation is reminding the community that the application period for the All RISE Program ends on Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

Individuals who are having challenges filing online may file their applications manually at DRT from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Wednesday.

Applicants who were included in the September 10 check write can expect to receive their All RISE payments as early as this week either in the mail or as a direct deposit in their bank accounts if they elected to be paid by direct deposit.

DRT is working to process all manual applications so that it can have a final tally of the total dollar amount associated with all applications.

DRT is also reminding applicants to review their applications carefully prior to submission as errors may either cause a delay in payment or may result in the application not being eligible for payment. Approximately 18% of applications were identified as having errors and are not “A” status. DRT will be better able to focus its efforts on processing all manual applications and reviewing all non “A” status applications to address errors and eligibility issues after the application period is closed.

Applications are processed on a first-in, first-out basis and payment is based on eligibility criteria set forth in Executive Order No. 2021-18. The order authorized eligible applicants who successfully apply to receive $800 if they are individual filers and $1,600 if they are joint filers.