First batch of coronavirus economic impact checks sent out

(PNC file photo)

Some of the island’s lowest income-earners are receiving their one-time coronavirus economic payments starting Friday.

The Governor last week said she directed $11 million in local funds to expedite the payments for some 6000 island residents who made $10,000 or less in 2018.

One of the check recipients spoke with PNC News, saying she received her $2200 this morning.

The woman, who wanted to remain unnamed, says she’s currently unemployed and her husband’s hours have been reduced.

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“I’m even scared of looking at my bills…my bills are high because I haven’t paid for last month or this month. So I’m really glad that I’m getting this check today because I’m going to go pay some of my bills,” she said.

Last week, the IRS approved Guam’s request for $134.8 million dollars to pay out the island’s stimulus checks.

The remainder of eligible Guam residents will be receiving their money once the U.S. Treasury approves GovGuam’s implementation plan.

Under the Economic Impact Payment program, each qualifying adult will receive $1200 and $500 for each dependent child.