First batch of electronic customs and visitor information kiosks arrive

GVB electronic Customs and Visitor Info kiosk. The first phase of the program had passengers in specific flights fill out the EDF through designated kiosks in the baggage claim area of the airport. (GVB photo)

The first batch of electronic kiosks for paperless customs declaration and visitor information has arrived on Guam.

The acquisition of the kiosks is part of the Guam Visitors Bureau’s effort to become more digitized and have more touchless interfaces for visitors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You remember, we embarked on this initiative several months ago on electronic customs declaration forms so that we can have paperless visitor arrival and visitor customs forms,” GVB vice president Gerry Perez said during Thursday’s GVB board meeting.

Aside from the arrival of the kiosks, Perez said the software has also been completed after a little bit of tweaking after it went through some issues.

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The electronic kiosks contain all the customs and visitor information of those entering Guam. The kiosks can be used by tourists coming to Guam or residents returning to the island without a handheld device, cell phones, or other mobile devices.

“They can just go to a kiosk and enter the information electronically, and it’ll print out the information so they can be facilitated through customs and quarantine quite expeditiously,” Perez said.

He added: “This has also been a good thing for customs, as we understand it, because it documents the performance standards of their customs agents in terms of how quickly they process people number one, and number two, what kinds of issues are creating the delay. So that’s good for them. And it’s also good for the visitor experience, of course.”