GDOL: First batch of unemployment checks should go out early this week


With transaction tests successful earlier today, the Department of Labor will be working through the weekend to deliver the first batch of unemployment benefits to applicants early next week.

The total number of claims to be paid will be based on the number of clean claims processed.

“This is what we have been building up to and working non-stop to make happen,” said Labor Director David Dell’Isola. “Right now the focus is on getting individuals with error-free claims paid right away.”

Electronic transfers and paper checks will be issued to error-free claims on a first in, first out basis. More payments will be issued as PUA staff adjudicate applications.

In-person applications 

Guam Department of Labor continues to offer in-person applications 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for first-time applicants by appointment only. Applicants can call for an appointment at the Guam Community College processing center, or at one of the roving public libraries.