First class of “pure” Tiyan High Titans finally graduate


Guam- The senior class of Tiyan High School has graduated, celebrating a momentous occasion as these seniors are the first to make the campus their home for the past four years.

The 243 “pure” Titans proudly walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.

As eighth graders, the students were unsure where the next four years of their lives would unfold.

The Tiyan Campus had previously been the home of the John F. Kennedy Islanders before they moved into their newly completed Tamuning campus.

However, the graduation was one to remember, to remember the Titans.

“On February 9, 2014, the Sunday headline read, ‘DOE redistricting plan: New Tiyan High School draws 1,390.’ The headline that changed our lives forever. Before that, we were all on different paths, to different high schools and different futures beyond that. Without the opening of our school, we would not have met the brilliant minds that shaped up to be who we are today and we would not have known about the strengths that come with being a Titan, I mean, we are the first class of pure Titans,” said salutatorian, Alanna Fegurgur.

PNC would like to extend a congratulations to all the Class of 2018 graduates. Biba Titans!