First Day Of School For Teachers; Tuesday Its the Students Turn


Guam – Schools open their doors to students Tuesday. But teachers around the island were at work Monday.  

In preparation for the first day of school, John F. Kennedy High School held an orientation at the Guam Marriott.

Principal Kenneth Chargualaf said the aim was to motivate and inspire teachers for the 2010 school year..

Chargualaf told PNC News the teachers attended four different sessions to learn about student support services; discipline and attendance policies;  financial operations and administrative services; and text book inventories, curriculum, instruction and assessments.

He also said that administrators and teachers also discussed the different teaching standards and standard operating procedures to ensure that students are learning and that they are successful. A special program was also held on how to deal with students with special needs.”

Chargualaf  said that JFK’s teachers are prepared and excited to start the new school year. And he said all of their teacher positions have been filled.